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Device of Damianus Petrolino

Damianus Petrolino

Shire Web Minister


Individual Atlantian Award Information

Lord Damianus Petrolino

Per bend sinister argent and sable, a skull sable jessant-de-lys gules and an eagle's foot erased inverted argent maintaining a torteau.

Name registered with the College of Arms in October 1992.

Device registered with the College of Arms in October 1992.

Mundane Information

Damianus Petrolino
Dan Peters
616 Pine Bluff Rd
Salisbury, MD21801

Personna History


1.0 Introduction

"I forgive you your mortal sins, but the first venial sin you commit, I will make you pay for them all." Julius II

".... che veramente, chi non la stima, non la merita" - for indeed, he who does not value it, does not himself deserve it." , Da Vinci (Vallentin 405)

2.0 Why: To start I chose Italy because it is the side of my heritage that I am well acquainted but hidden in my mundane name. My grandparents on my fathers side came through Ellis Island in 1911 and had their name changed from Petrolino to Peters. Growing up my sister often lamented over the name change because of occasional teasing we might receive over the current one. Also, the legitimate fact that our father spoke Italian made us different than all the Caucasian Americans whose heritage dated back to before the civil war.

As a result, currently, I have based my persona on Italy without to regard to my mothers heritage being as stated above.
3.0 When: I have always had a fascination with Gothic armor such as that seen in Camelot or Hearts and Armor (a B grade movie with 22 gage armor). 1400 to 1650 becomes the target area. AlthoughI would like to do everything and live forever, I should be more particular.

I grew up wanting to be a great many things, but I did enjoy school. I found it a fascinating to learn about science, math, and history even in grade school. I wondered what men were thinking of when Newton got hit with that apple, since I was spending a whole semester on classical physics. But regardless several Italians come to mind: Galileo, Copernicus, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, Columbus, Balboa, Vespucci. Whether you studied science, history or art Italians kept popping up.

In all of this history I felt bad that people of the middle ages did not have the conveniences of myself. Naturally, now that I try to reenact them I want those conveniences. If I could have a motorized vehicle at Pennsic, I would be thrilled. Only one man in that time period was thinking like I am - Leonardo Da Vinci
(1452-1519). He laid plans for helicopters, tanks, and cars. Well, that lays down my time period. I must meet him, spend time with him, and learn so I must coincide with him and still accomplish all the other things I wish my persona to do.

4.0 What was happening: Important Dates:
Christopher Columbus 1446 - 1506
Leonardo 1452 - 1519
Julius II 1443 - 1513
Machiavelli, Niccolo 1469-1527

1492 Renn went from Florence to Rome

One can figure that if your mentor lived 65 years that you can, even if he never picked up a sword. However, .that's it, I don't think my persona wants to spend that time dissecting humans, and making statues of horses. I have to wear that Gothic armor I was talking of earlier.

Now I know the following things about Italy at that time:

Most fighting done was by mercenaries (from everywhere), city militias (when they weren't being run by mercenaries), and the Vatican had a guard of some sort.

The italian word for mercenary is "condottiere" meaning contractual. Italy consisted of many city states. Political turbulence within the cities created a lack of loyalty on the part of subjects, encouraging those in power to hire mercenaries to protect the lands they controlled. A mercenaries "livliehood depended on a fair reputation and adequate results." As the national armies of Spain, France, and Germany moved on to the penninsula in the early 1500's, then the condottiere's days were numbered.

From 1424 to 1454, excessive fighting was taking place creating state-administered, almost national armies. So, in addition to condottiere there were a great deal of 'provisionati' (garrison troops - permanent pay). Some city forces such as Milan & Venice reach 20,000 men.

In 1465 a Milanese expeditionary force ventured into France (pp21 maa series)

Heavy Cavalry was prominent in Italy from the Mid 15th Century on for 50 years.

5.0 Pinpointing History: Born in raised in a Castle would be nice. I have always been a fan of the Castle Torrechiara in La Parma. I visited it, and fell in love with it. I like the architecture, the wall painting, and the scenery. It was built in 1460 for Pier Maria Rossi (Nicolle 29) .

La Parma had been under the control of Milan for more than a hundred years, and not until the mid 1500's was there any conflict (Durant 712) .

French invasion of 1494, offset by Spain.... Condottiere in Fornovo ( Nicolle 31).