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Atlantian Calendar of Events - Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA Inc

Pennsic might be over, but there are many great events to attend this fall!

0 likes, 0 comments4 days ago

Ladies and Gentlemen….I am happy to announce that we have submitted Stitch V to the Atlantian Calendar and we have reserved the site. April..

4 likes, 0 comments1 month ago

Arcadia Renaissance Faire

Picture from our most recent demo

3 likes, 1 comments3 months ago

Event thanks! To the competition teams. You all worked hard to prepare and brought your a-game. To the judges: Baroness Willow, Mistress Molly,..

1 likes, 0 comments3 months ago

Big thanks to everyone who came to Revenge of the Stitch. Next up: the Arcadia HS Faire (demo), Pittsville library Demo) and helping Caer Adamant..

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