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Safe travels to everyone going to Ruby Joust this weekend!

3 likes, 0 comments3 months ago

As the dust has settled a bit, I would like to thank everyone who helped, competed, and supported this edition of Revenge of the Stitch and other..

8 likes, 1 comments4 months ago

Business meeting and A&S Sunday 2/17 in the Snow Hill Library Public room. 10:30 start time. Business meeting at 12:00, A&S to continue after.

4 likes, 1 comments7 months ago

Happy New Year! The shire’s next business meeting / A&S will be on Sunday 1/20 at the Snow Hill library. We will be discussing our plans for..

3 likes, 1 comments8 months ago

Meeting and sewing/craft day tomorrow! Snow Hill Library anytime after 10:30. Business meeting at 12. Also, we have cake….

5 likes, 1 comments10 months ago