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Stay safe Atlantians!

1 likes, 0 comments2 weeks ago

A&S and Business Meeting on Sunday 9/9 in the public room at the Snow Hill Library. A&S will begin at 10:30–come work on sewing projects, fix..

3 likes, 0 comments3 weeks ago

Safe travels those of you going to Trial by Fire! Good luck to those competing!

4 likes, 0 comments3 weeks ago

Brian Parton, can you please check the Spiaggia page? There is an interested archer! (from Eleri)

2 likes, 0 comments3 months ago

5 sewing teams for our 5th year of Stitch…plus melee, bardic, archery, siege engines…going to be a good time! Oh, and the sewing competition…

5 likes, 0 comments5 months ago