The Barony of Storvik again welcomes all good gentles to the Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tournament! Novices in armored combat, rapier, archery, and the Arts and Sciences are invited to compete. More information is available at

As the harvest draws near the populace of the Barony of Lochmere and her allies the Barony of Storvik welcome our neighbors great and small to celebrate the end of Summer and welcome the Crown of our fair Kingdom to invest our new Baronage. More information is available at and

The Vikings are coming! German mercenaries are coming! No Vikings, no….no….you choose! Come welcome the new Baron and Baroness of Stierbach in a fun filled day and show off you love of either the Viking Culture, the German Landknechte Culture, or both! Awards given in all disciplines for the “winning” group and a special prize…

Parties and celebrations join communities together. Join us as the Barony of Stierbach celebrates its 18th birthday with fun, games, laughter, and food. More information is available at and

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