Join us at the estate of Abigail il cigno, known as the Founder’s Inn, contained within the boundaries of the Barony of Marinus, for a grand festival to be known as the Palio de Atlantia (Atlantian 12th Night) to be held on the 13th day of January, 2017. The Palio is a festival held to…

Their Majesties Cuan and Signy need Heirs!! The Succession of the Kingdom must be ensured!!! Come join us and bear witness to the selection of the Heirs! Fighting, A&S, and a wonderful feast provided by Baron Callixtus Gill!! More information is available at and

The Roman tradition of Saturnalia – a celebration of light in a dark season – is a long and complicated one! Come celebrate with fun and gaiety, enjoy the company of friends, and look forward to the coming of Spring!! More information is available at and

As Marinus grows a year older, we invite all to come out and enjoy a Greek ‘party of excess’ like the great orgies of old! There will be glorious bouts of combat on the heavy field! There will be thrills and grace as rapier fighters square-off! There will be excitement at the Thrown Weapons Range!…

Join us in a 14th/15th century Tudor end of the Holidays Celebration. The Celebration will be joined by the Lord of Misrule. Enjoy spending time with friends and family, along with gift giving, dancing and feasting. More information is available at and

Come witness who will win the right of arms and be crowned our next King & Queen! There will be A&S, merchants, feasting, and spectacles of great fighting! More information is available at and

Celebrate with the Barony of Marinus as we grow a year older and journey along the Silk Road! There will be lots of fighting, archery, merchants, feast all themed from the famous Silk Road! More information is available at and

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