Join us for Garb Wars II: The Sequel from May 30-June 01 — Spiaggia is the host of this exciting event!

A long time ago, in a barony far, far away…

It was a period of war—garb wars. Teams competed, striking with hidden talents to win a victory with both needle and sword. During the battles, blows were struck, stitches were sewn, and renown was won.

Today, the battle continues in Garb Wars II: The Sequel. The Shire of Spiaggia Levantina, custodian of the rules of this competition, encourages all to race to the Eastern Shore to prove their might with needle and sword and defend the honor of their homelands.

Garb Competition specifics are described in more detail in this document: GARB WARS.  More information is also available on the Acorn Event Page and our Facebook Event Page.

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